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Young Scholars Building America-for the love of man and country.

Young Scholars Building America is a non-profit organization formed for the charitable efforts of marrying distressed real estate with young scholars exiting the foster care system. We strive to provide these young scholars with valuable exposure to the construction trades as well as finance the completed projects to members of the program. We believe our model to be cutting edge and unique because it provides opportunities to its beneficiaries that are not otherwise  available to them through similar programs due to age, income, and employment restrictions. In addition to the obvious benefits to all levels of government involved in the carrying out of our efforts, we also place a heavy  emphasis on continued higher education for our young scholars and provide the infrastructure and conditions needed to encourage a continued involvement in and support of the YSBA by way of the formation of a group of alumni.


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Non-Profit Young Scholars Building America Launches Pilot Program for Emancipated Youths

PENSACOLA, FLA (August 17, 2015) – During National Homeownership Month this summer, Young Scholars Building America (YSBA) secured funding for its pilot home renovation project – and has now purchased property to provide home ownership to a selected youth leaving the foster care system this year. 

“A stable home and environment are critical to our well-being, and the YSBA gives young people existing the foster care system just that– so that they too can have a fighting chance of pursuing their dreams,” said Eddie Tawfik, founder and executive director.

The pilot entails renovating the distressed property during the end of the summer and early Fall, to be dedicated in November and available for the first young homeowner to move in, just in time for the Holidays.  The land and structure are classified as ‘Florida Tax Foreclosed Property’, allowing the YSBA to reach maximum benefit for the overall community by going through the process of acquiring these properties and getting them back on the tax rolls.

"By acquiring this property through the Florida tax foreclosure process, the YSBA is taking an abandoned and blighted property in the neighborhood and returning it to productive use – providing home ownership to a youth, while improving the community," said YSBA board president Dan Friedman.

The YSBA is a non-profit organization formed for the charitable efforts of renovating distressed real estate for the purpose of providing home-ownership to young scholars exiting foster care.  As part of its mission to help foster youths build a better future, the organization hopes to provide valuable exposure to the construction trades, as well as an opportunity for reaching the ‘American Dream’ of home ownership while attaining a path to  higher education.

Believing to have a model that is cutting edge, the YSBA offers unique opportunities to its beneficiaries that are not available through traditional home ownership programs due to age, income and other restrictions.

The pilot home is located at 23 Mississippi Circle, Pensacola, Florida 32505.  The community will be invited to the dedication ceremony in November.