One House, One Scholar At a Time.

The YSBAs main objective regarding prospective scholars is to seek  candidates who demonstrate a strong likelihood  to contribute to the growth and future of the YSBA, and aspire to run the whole organization some day.

Prospective  young scholars shall meet the following minimum requirements:

Currently reside in the county in which they wish to participate in the program.
Be within 90 to 180 days of becoming emancipated (aging out) of the foster care system.  (must be accompanied by guardian)
Currently be enrolled in or have plans to enroll in to any higher education system such as college, university or trade school with a strategy to successfull completion.
Be willing and committed to staying involved in the future of the YSBA.
Must open and maintain a savings account dedicated to annual property taxes and unexpected home repair.
In the event the property is sold within fifteen (15) years from the original closing date, the client is required to reimburse the YSBA for its original contribution.Type your paragraph here.